International Convention of Environmental Laureates

The International Convention of Environmental Laureates, which is hosted by by the European Environment Foundation, provides a platform for winners of prestigious international environmental prizes and awards to exchange their ideas and experience on helping to shape environmental policy.

Laureates include active environmentalists, journalists and human rights activists, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Above all, they are doers, with one thing in common: They have a vision and goals, and they have found ways of implementing them. Every one of them has made a significant contribution in their field towards environmental protection.

The Freiburg International Convention is the ideal opportunity for building a global network and for mutual learning between the leading players and activists of the worldwide environment movement. With the exchanges of experiences amongst each other the laureates become multipliers and creators of ideas and initiatives that can be successfully implemented in other areas around the world.

By this means, the ambition of the European Environment Foundation comes true: to promote dialogue among all disciplines of environmental policy. The key principle behind this orientation is the certainty that for any environmental policy to be effective, it must be applied transnationally.

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