Alice Tlustos BA, MBA




General interest in environmental issues, Sustainable Land Management

As the project manager of the environmental project explained below, I am deeply concerned with sustainable land management in Africa and specifically in Tanzania: 39 million small scale farmers in Tanzania are threatened by climate change, soil erosion, inefficient farming methods etc. The project of Care of Creation Tanzania addresses these threats by: - Establishing a training center for discipleship and sustainable agricultural methods in Central Tanzania (25km from capital Dodoma) - Establishing a pilot farm functioning as a demonstration site for various sustainable farming techniques such as: Farming God’s way, Permaculture, Aquaponics etc. - Running training courses in remote locations throughout the entire country of Tanzania - Establishing demonstration sites in remote locations throughout Tanzania - Networking with potential partners in and outside Africa Thereby the project brings deep lasting change for the Tanzanian farmer’s body, soul and spirit. Small scale farmers will be able to live from their land and glorify God with their farm. In learning how to do so they will experience God’s love in a unique way and will learn how to channel his love towards the environment that surrounds them. This will create best practice examples for other African nations. It will also prevent another humanitarian catastrophe. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Anglican Church of Tanzania (4 million church members), Hilfe die ankommt (an Austrian NGO), BEG (an Austrian NGO) and many others, who see the project as an answer to their deep concerns for Africa. The project is entirely funded through donations and is planned in a way that it can support itself without outside funding after seven years.