CEO Ashililya Ashililya Nyanda



Mwanza Rural Housing Programme

Housing and Food Security

Tanzania, United Republic of

Sustainable Energy, General interest in environmental issues, Sustainable Land Management

The Ashden Awards, 2006


I am a Planner and strategist of Mwanza Rural Housing Program (NGO). I administrate and coordinate all technical programs of the organization., building capacities of farmers to produce burnt bricks fired using agro waste, training them how to construct low cost houses using readily available materials that are environmentally friendly. Here community is organized in housing groups and they build houses in a cooperative manner.On the other side community is empowered to generate income by farming market catching crops that conserve soils and provide food security. In this case leguminous crops such as (chick pea green grams, groundnuts, Bambara nuts etc) and tuber crops such as (orange fleshed potatoes and cassava). MRHP has worked with over 400 groups of which 75% is women. It should be noted that the crops promoted are considered to be women crops.