Annelie Dehmel



Centro Ecológico Juvenil, Cajamarca, Uyuni K’asa

Social youth education and planting trees in the bolivian andes


Education / Communications, Social Engagement, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation

Trophée de femmes, 2015

Asamblea de Derechos Humanos, Sucre Bolivia / Bundesverdienstkreuz 2015

Annelie Dehmel has been involved in social, cultural and environmental projects in Bolivia for more than 30 years, a high valley in the Andes near Sucre was reforested with the help of Bolivian youth, and classes are taught weekly in the Cajamarca youth center ( The surrounding village communities are included, 450 hectares of forest have been created, flora and fauna have made the mountainous desert a green paradise, water, air, climate and fertile soil has been improved.