Dao Droste



atelier-gallery Dao

freelance artist


Sustainable Land Management, General interest in environmental issues, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation

B.A.U.M. Umweltpreis, 2015

Dao Droste Vietnam / Germany Freelance artist, creator of one-world-award statue B.A.U.M. Umweltprize “Change entails being open for emotional contact”. The ex-chemist (Ph.D.), Taoist and diverse artist (painting, sculptures, installations, video-art). She made herself internationally a name with her large-scale ground installation “Open-Mindedness“ with 500 face sculptures. Marked by the painful loss of her tropical paradise with giant colorful butterflies in the garden of her childhood through the Vietnam war and the defoliant Agent Orange, she carries out numerous projects like ARTentvielfalt (biodiversity), Spirit of Water, Terra Cantans (the Singing Earth). Thereby she illustrates the power of the original for the 'recollection' and speaks to the people on the emotional level for aspects of environment and sustainability.