Ulrich Eichelmann






Sustainable Energy, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation

Binding-Prize for the Protection of Nature and Environment , 2014

Wolfgang Staat Naturschutzpreis 2015

I am a nature conservationist focussing on river protection. I am in the NGO business for more than 25 years now. My speciality is campaigning against hydropower plants. I worked 17 years for WWF, after that I founded the NGO Riverwatch - a society for the protection of rivers. I fought against the Ilisu dam in Turkey and produced a documentary about the misuse of the climate protection issue: Climate Crimes - http://riverwatch.eu/en/climate-crimes/trailer-full-version. Right now I am leading the campaign for the protection of the rivers on the Balkans, where more than 2.700 new dams are threatening Europe┬┤s best rivers. http://www.balkanrivers.net