End Ecocide on Earth




Policy and Law, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation, General interest in environmental issues

All life on earth, our peaceful co-existence and our own well-being depend on intact ecosystems. The pollution and destruction of our planet’s ecosystems however, as well as the depletion of natural resources are progressing fast and without restraint. The natural limits of our planet and its carrying capacity are represented by the concept of planetary boundaries. The worldwide ongoing extensive damage and destruction of ecosystems, briefly called ecocide, has so far already led us to a state, where we have already massively crossed key planetary boundaries. It must be expected, that if our destructive activities were to continue at a similar pace, this development will eventually have the potential to shift our global ecosystem into a state that will no longer be suitable for human life in the same way anymore. End-Ecocide-on-Earth is advocating to acknowledge and respect the margin of safe living conditions for humanity including future generations. All natural resources as well as all ecological relationships and biogeochemical processes that keep the global ecosystem alive as parts of the global commons belong to everyone and nobody in particular at the same time. We clearly demand that Ecocide must become a crime for which decision-makers and corporations can be held accountable. We therefore propose and advocate for a concrete legal framework based the above described concepts with the aim to secure suitable living conditions for life on earth as we know it and to prevent and outlaw further ecocide. As a country coordinator for Germany I keep a strong focus on the problems arising from modern agro-industry. The vast application of pesticides and fertilizers in nowadays mainly genetically modified monocultures represent one of the biggest and at the same time far most underestimated ecocide happening every day in front of our doorsteps – everywhere.