Sustainable Land Management, Social Engagement, Climate Change

Engajamundo is a Brazilian youth‐led organizaton created by young people who believe in their responsibility as key part of the solution in order to face the greatest social and environmental challenges in our country and in the world! Therefore, we aim to be a channel for the effective partcipaton of young people on important decisions that affect our present and our future. We currently work with five thematic groups: climate change, sustainable development, gender, biodiversity and urban development. Through capacity building trainings, mobilization and activism, we seek to empower Brazilian youth in order to help them comprehend and participate effectively on international political processes. Moreover, we demand more access and representation for youth in such processes, so we can have more space to articulate our demands in all policy areas. Engaja – as we call it informally – is a non‐profit organization led by and for young people. We are open for everyone who believes in the importance of youth being active at the global level. OUR NETWORK Our Network currently involves over 1800 members and 120 volunteers across 22 states in the five regions of Brazil, which makes it possible to empower and mobilize directly over 2000 young people in the country. In addition to our five experience + advocacy thematic working groups (climate change, sustainable development, gender, biodiversity and urban development), we have groups in 16 cities promoting advocacy at the local level.