Gerhard Knies




, Policy and Law, Sustainable Energy

My interest is to develop a feasible format of global governance for humanity by which it can employ its mental and natural resources to build a viable world for 11 billion people within this century. The meaning of viable world is that it is not self-destroying. The main idea is to change our view of the planet from a battlefield for nations to a living place for humanity and nature. With nations organizing their cohabitation rather than confrontation, clearly more than 10 billion people could live sustainably on Earth. How can such cohabitation mode be achieved? I work together on this topic with members of the Club of Rome, and a special viabel-world-design-network. The latter is open for interested individuals and organizations. Steps In the run-up to this global governance effort were studies on civil vulnerability of developed civilizations including their structural incompatibility with military 'defence', and later the DESERTEC concept demonstrating that there is enough affordable clean energy available on Earth for a sustainable high-level civilization for all humans, when they cooperate across national borders.