Manager of Africa Earth Keeper Debesai Ghebrehiwet



Africa Earth Keepers

produce high efficient, clean improved stove integrate with solar home system


General interest in environmental issues, Climate Change, Sustainable Energy

The Ashden Awards, 2003

techmuseum award, Ashden award, green apple .energy globe award , environmental award ward and Energy globe award

I am Debesai Ghebrehiwet renewable energy specialist, Environmental partition-er, laureate and innovator of high efficient improved stoves , Energy Efficient Gas stove and brick designs and this year i am also sole - founder of Africa Earth Keepers company limited which is active in producing highly efficient, clean and improved stove integrated solar power system and different bricks for easy and affordable construction. it is working in Uganda as a continuation of my company Dahab Tesfamarim Mogogo construction and solar appliances limited company in Eritrea. And Adhanet patent is certified in in Ireland .