Dr. Zenón Pofidio Gomel Apaza



Asociación Savia Andina Pukara (ASAP)

Agricultural engineer


Biodiversity / Nature Conservation, Policy and Law, Climate Change

Rolex Awards, 2006

Zenón Pofidio Gomel Apaza, Peru, comes from a family of quechua farmers of the Koriñahui community in the Pukara district. His 17 years of schooling with an agronomy degree from Universidad Nacional del Altiplano in Puno in 1994. In January of 2011, the Regional Government of Puno entrusted him to lead the Melgar Agrarian Agency (an agriculturally focused political and technical entity), a post he holds through the present day. At that same time, Zenón began Doctoral studies in Natural Sciences for Development, with an emphasis on Agricultural Production Systems at Costa Rica’s Technologic, through which he hopes to encourage people to appreciate and value traditional knowledge the same way they do scientific knowledge.