Initiative for a Balanced Water Resource Management




Social Engagement, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation, Climate Change

The association ‚Initiative for a Balanced Water Resource Management‘, abbreviated as ‚i-brm‘, was founded in June 2014 by two natural scientists and one social geographer as a charitable organisation with the intention of establishing a platform for the realisation of practice-oriented, integrated and transdisciplinary research projects in the field of sustainable use of the environmental resources water, soil and vegetation. Our commitment is to contribute to the conservation, the sustainable use and the regeneration of the environmental resources water, soil and vegetation, taking into consideration the needs of the population and the economy. We thereby strive for a utilization of resources that meets the demands of the present generation without jeopardizing the possibilities of future generations to satisfy their own needs. Thereby it is of particular importance to elaborate results that may be implemented in practice directly at those locations, where people are affected from scarcity of water and related resources. By this, the association has a bridgehead function between scientific research on the one hand, and developmental cooperation on the other hand. The association promotes scientific services such as research, teaching, consulting, evaluation, pub- lic relations as well as attending the implementation of measures in the field of sustainable resource use. First and foremost the population, the authorities and NGOs in countries and regions that face problems in using environmental resources should be supported in their decision-making processes regarding a sustainable development. In addition the scientific range of the association addresses al- so students and scientific institutions, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations, with which the association intends to establish cooperation.