Elias Kindle



Symbiose Association, Dreiklang general partnership

Founder and project leader


Education / Communications, Social Engagement, Private Sector

Binding-Prize for the Protection of Nature and Environment , 2013

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Liechtenstein

It is up to us to change the path that society is going now. Elias is most interested in projects and practices that support everyone to flourish. Everyone doesn’t just include humans but all the beings on this planet. Elias started to work as an IT Supporter with the age of 16 in a bank in Liechtenstein. After four years of experience he went on another path and studied Environmental Engineering on a Bachelor’s level in Switzerland before doing the Master's study in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden. This study focused on the fact that there are already a lot of solutions but not enough leaders that take on the sustainability challenge. Ever since the passion to inspire as many people as possible to live a conscious and mindful life, drives Elias’ action. The projects he co-initiated vary form a co-working space for entrepreneurs and associations up to a Montessori Kindergarten. The project that holds his overall vision of a “connected and sustainable society in Liechtenstein and beyond” is called “Zukunftswerkstatt” or future workshop. It is a threefold process that 1) collects visions and ideas from everyone about the future of living and working together. Step 2) is about collecting and making as many projects visible on a green map that support a sustainable lifestyle. This creates a sense of direction and builds creative tension that we use to start 3) new projects and inspire others to help making the leap towards a better life for everyone and a strong community. Elias is going to support the shift of the mental model where we are disconnected from nature towards where we are a part of nature. The ecosystem that we are part of provides us with oxygen, food, energy and resources. Nature is where we build our societies, our homes, our human connections. Together we created the economy that serves societal welfare and not the other way around. Elias offers his knowledge and experience in projects and process design to people and companies.