Phyllis Omido



Center for justice governance and environmental Action


Education / Communications, General interest in environmental issues, Social Engagement

The Goldman Environmental Prize, 2015

I am grassroots community mobilizer and environmental Activist based in the Coastal city of Mombasa and the 2015 winner of the Goldman environmental prize award for Africa. I am a co-founder of The Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action - CJGEA is a registered Non Profit non-Governmental organization based in Mombasa, Kenya working for the realization of Environmental/Socioeconomic rights of the economically marginalized communities residing around attractive industries in Kenyan Coastal region. My work has been realized through mainstreaming a human rights based approach to environmental governance basing on procedural rights. My work is achieved through actions such as:- • Supporting and creating space for our communities in their course to challenge the responsibility of the state and injustice and inequality that surrounds communities around extraction communities. • Building capacities and awareness of community issues by organization public picketing and media campaigns; and educating communities on local and international instruments available for advocacy e.g. through the dissemination of information, publications, media work-work, campaigns and organizing events etc • Participation in international networks supporting communities to do the so Influencing political decision-making that affects the creation of better policies and decision making on environmental issues. Organization’s running programs. • Public Interest Litigation Cases • Lobbying, advocacy and Human rights protection • Documentation of socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of Extraction Industries • Media Fellowship and Capacity Building Projects • Environmental Conservation and Climate Change projects