A Retreat for Conservationists

A Retreat for Conservationists
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• Do you feel like no-one is listening? • Do you feel alone in your work? • Do you feel angry and frustrated? • Does it feel like you are taking two steps forward and three steps back? • Are you tired, run down, exhausted and in need of a break? • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the environmental problems of the world? If you can relate to any of these points then this retreat is designed just for you. As a conservationist I know EXACTLY how you feel. It can be difficult for us to keep going in what is often a very thankless job. Many people do not understand the intricate details of what it is like to be a conservationist. I have learnt over the years that it is essential to stop and take time off so that I can release, revive and re-charge myself. I would love it if you can join me. Details When: 27th April 2017 Where: Bali, Indonesia Time: Four nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Investment: $1200 US & Airfares Interested? Please contact: Jean Thomas Jean@urgeconsulting.com.au This retreat is limited to a maximum of ten people. Please apply via the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form, which will be sent to you when you contact Jean. In this retreat you will: • Relax and unwind from your busy schedule • Learn how to let go of any frustrations so they will not go home with you or effect your approach to your important conservation work • Indulge in support therapies including yoga, massage and meditation • Learn the dynamics of emotions and how they can either support you or hinder your success • Develop skills in self assertion, personal empowerment, active listening, empathy and compassion. • Recharge your passion and reignite your energy to help you move forward. • Be surrounded by like minded people in a supportive environment • Tap into the collective wisdom of the group to improve your conservation success. • Join an ongoing support system to help you thrive in your everyday life and work.
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