Biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity conservation
field of work
Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
start date
April 19, 2017 
end date
April 19, 2019 
project initiator
The project will work to increase awareness about traditional ecological knowledge and integrate it to the youth through the process of interaction with elders to build community resilience and reviving ecosystem in Rwanda. Also to document and develop a comprehensive and useful strategies for public awareness and Influence policy at different levels while deepening peoples’ sense of belonging, about restoration of their knowledge worn over years of marginalization. This project will adopt the strategy of bridging the gap in knowledge between elders and youth through the process including youth-elders dialogue, lobbying and advocacy for inclusion of this knowledge in school curricula and development programs in Rwanda. Children and youth will be taken to experience nature and culture and connect with themselves and engage through a range of proactive endeavors in both their schools and communities. It will introduce approach that responds to disruption of inter-generational knowledge transfer. The project will also contribute to the process of building climate resilience, through reviving traditional seed diversity by involving youth and promoting ecological agriculture as the most effective and ethical way to feed the growing population and cope with climate change in sustainable way Global Ecovillage –Rwanda in collaboration with communities will increase awareness of the links between traditional, indigenous and local knowledge and sustainable development through community involvement and the process of influencing policies related to the environment and genetic resources.
we are looking for
financial support, cooperation
social media
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