Community Hospital and Training Center

Community Hospital and Training Center
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Sustainable Land Management, Social Engagement, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
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The Community Hospital and Training Center (CHTC) will be Indonesia’s first “Conservation Hospital.” The hospital will be an environmental education center in addition to being a first-class medical facility that offers powerful incentives for biodiversity conservation. Built in 2016, the CHTC will start offering hospital services in the first half of 2017, increasing our reach from 60,000 to more than 120,000 people. The CHTC embodies ASRI’s planetary health model of integrated approaches that conserve high value habitat through the provision of high-quality health care, livelihoods education and economic development. The CHTC will continue the ASRI Clinic program which rewards communities for protecting forests and biodiversity with heavily subsidized health care. With our health care subsidies, community members no longer need to log forests to pay their medical bills. Everyone in the ASRI clinic can pay with non-cash means that enhance the environment, such as seedlings for reforestation and manure for making organic fertilizer. Patients or their families can also pay their bills with a day of simple labor that helps to reduce our operating costs – they often help to cook lunch, wash dishes, or prepare simple paper containers that reduce our use of plastic bags in filling patient prescriptions. The hospital’s interior is being decorated with photography, art, murals, and visual displays designed to educate and instill a sense of environmental stewardship for nearby Gunung Palung National Park’s vast biodiversity. A seedling nursery, demonstration organic garden, and forest with educational signs will surround the hospital buildings. Weekly educational sessions on the link between forest conservation, biodiversity, and human health will be conducted in the hospital waiting room. The training center within the hospital will serve as a venue for trainings such as livelihoods education, and hosting visitors who want to learn about ASRI’s model.
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