Corporate accountability for environmental protection through the human rights perspective

Corporate accountability for environmental protection through the human rights perspective
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General interest in environmental issues, Private Sector
start date
August 10, 2016 
end date
August 15, 2017 
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project collaborator
The discussion on corporate accountability in Human Rights is more prominent now. There is a lot happening at international level, in terms of regulatory frameworks and discussion. At a global level there is increasing acceptance that we ought to move away from just corporate social responsibility to corporate accountability in terms of business and human rights. At the national level countries like Kenya have not held corporate/business ventures accountable for human rights violations. There is increasing violation of the right to a clean and healthy environment in Kenya than it was before. In our research it was evident that the community and the entire public have no information concerning the mining, corporate/business ventures and the work they do in these communities nor its effects even though Access to information and public participation among other rights are ensured in the constitution supposed to be implemented through the EMCA Act in an Environmental Impact assessment process. It’s also common that at the national level the access to this vital information, public participation and access to justice is nonexistence. This in itself perpetrates impunity to environmental rights. Violators maximize on profits as the community (which is directly affected by the activities of corporate ventures) are kept in the dark. Building from the previous work, CJGEA intends to continue holding duty bearers accountable for third parties’ violation of environmental rights of citizens and emphasizing corporate accountability as opposed to solely corporate social responsibility and that adequate compensation must be atoned to environmental rights violations. This area of work feeds into CJGEA’s new strategic plan, where one of its areas of focus is on Social determinants on the right to health, including food, sanitation and feeds into the objective of addressing the underlying determinants being the right to clean and healthy environment.
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