Dreisam Cleanup

Dreisam Cleanup
field of work
Education / Communications, General interest in environmental issues, Social Engagement
start date
August 20, 2017 
end date
August 20, 2017 
project initiator
Plastic waste is flooding our oceans - Help to clean up! Every day vast amounts of garbage end up in the oceans and 80% of the waste comes through rivers. If it continues in this way there will be more garbage than fish in the ocean by 2050. This also happens in front of our door. And of course the garbage is not only harmful once it arrives in the ocean, but also for our native flora and fauna. Time to clean up and create awareness! Protecting our ocean starts in front of our doorstep, also here in Freiburg. Our goal is to remove as much as possible of waste from nature to properly dispose it. Every single action counts and contributes to the change. And we look forward to having you with us! At the same time we want to draw attention to the state of our oceans and that plastic waste is only the tip of the iceberg! Time: 11:00h bis 13:00h Meeting Point: In front of Café Extrablatt If possible, please bring the following: gloves safety vest bucket Partners: - Bachpaten Freiburg - Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign
we are looking for
cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects
social media
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