Eco-Tree Planting Project

Eco-Tree Planting Project
field of work
General interest in environmental issues, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation, Climate Change
start date
January 1, 2017 
end date
January 1, 2020 
project initiator
Tanzania, United Republic of
OUR CURRENT PILOT PROJECT: Eco-Tree planting is the pilot project aimed to develop a tree planting initiatives at schools and community levels farms lands to meet the demand of forest resources to solve the problem of inadequate desks in primary and secondary school while protecting the environments. About 2500 of Cyprus trees are expected to be planted in areas owned by schools and governments atBiaharamulo District that grows for seven to ten years. Some of trees will be used for making desk in the future while other will remain for environmental conservation. WHY ECO -TREE PLANTING Eco tree-planting project is environmentally friendly, ecologically stable and economically flourishing approach for the benefit of the whole community. •It promotes environmental awareness within the schools and in the community to understand the environmental threats that affect them and to develop the culture of planting trees. •Restoration of degraded land and protection of water resources within the community hence ensures biodiversity conservation. •It improves community knowledge and awareness on Climatic change issues and supporting demonstration and adaptation practices that reduce the impact of climatic change on people’s livelihoods. •Improve rural livelihoods through sales of wood products such as timber. IMPACTS OF ECO -TREE PLANTING PROJECT The main impact of the project is availability of the desks in the future for the schools and reforestation within the community area. The other benefits of projects includes: •Climatic change adaptation and mitigation due to strong society participation to plant trees and care for the forest environment •Availability of honey for the forested areas •Impacting the young generation with environmental concuss mind. With strong collaboration support from students, teachers, local community and District Council, we expect to plant 25000 Cyprus trees on schools owned farms land.
we are looking for
financial support, material support, expertise, cooperation, publicity/visibility, Under core of EEDS organization we recognize that caring for environments is critical for the future generation and we want to develop the spirit of tree-planting within the community. Our vision is to see a global community with healthy environments and sufficient quality water. EEDS focuses on environmental activities with the aim of running projects in the local communities that promote a great
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