Entrepreneurship in the emerging paradigm

Entrepreneurship in the emerging paradigm
field of work
General interest in environmental issues
start date
January 1, 2015 
end date
January 1, 2020 
project initiator
We know running your own business can be tough. we are a group of founders who are curious about new ways of working together that help purpose-driven social businesses thrive in times of changing business narratives. Thought and complex challenges need new ways of working together. Since 2015, we have been exploring the practices and skills that have helped us and people like us to build our businesses sustainably. Now is the time to open our circle to a wider community of sustainability-minded entrepreneurs across Europe to share our findings, learn from each other, and find new opportunities. An inspiration in our work is Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations, with focus on solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses. We combined our diverse perspectives and backgrounds, bringing methods and concepts such as The Art of Hosting, Social Entrepreneurship, Sociocracy, Design Thinking, Theory U, Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development among many others. Browse through our collection of methods and practices, add your own, get in touch with us and become part of the community.
we are looking for
material support, expertise, cooperation
social media
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