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Environment Conservation
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Widely popular as “Eco-Baba” and “Welfare Baba” in India and abroad, Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal (born on 02-02-1962 at village Seechewal in district Jalandhar, Punjab) has multiple achievements to his credit in the fields of environmental conservation, social reform, extension of education and economic development of backward areas of Punjab. His work in all these fields is of gigantic dimensions, generally beyond the capacity of individuals or even organizations. He mobilized numberless people (Sangat) round the globe for the voluntary kar sewaof rejuvenation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historic river Kali Bein, 160-km long tributary of the Beas, flowing through Doaba, the fertile central part of Punjab, known as the Granary of India. When Sant Seecyewal began the kar sewa in July 2000, the Kali Bein river was on the verge of death due to worst type of domestic and industrial pollution. Sant Seechewal, with the help of his Sangat, has cleared hyacinth and silt out of the bed of river, restored flow of clean water in it and beautified it with flowers and fruit trees, bathing ghats and bricked roads on its banks, transforming it into a picnic spot where the religious pilgrims, students and tourists from India and abroad come daily in large numbers to have a glimpse of its beauty. With restoration of its water flow thousands of hectares of land have been reclaimed from water-logging in Tehsil Dasuya of Hoshiarpur District, from desertification in Kapurthala district, and from floods in the Mand area of confluence of Beas and Satluj rivers. It has also improved the quality of ground water and promoted recharging of water table in whole Doaba area. Sant Seechewal’s kar sewa of the river, thus, has proved significantly beneficial for the people of Punjab, both economically and environmentally.
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