Environmental remediation project

Environmental remediation project
field of work
Education / Communications, General interest in environmental issues, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
start date
August 1, 2016 
end date
August 31, 2017 
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The plight of the Owino Uhuru community still remains in jeopardy years after the commissioning and closure of the lead smelter metal refinery EPZ ltd. Blood Lead Levels (BLLs) above 5μg/dl (revised by WHO standards) causes harm to human, animals and plants and is persistent in the environment for several years before its eroded by natural mechanisms. This initiative; ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION objectively aims to identify and remove any lead from environmental media such as soil and water. CJGEA intends to generate a specific framework that adheres to the needs of Owino Uhuru in order to not only identify but also evaluate and extradite remains of this abandoned lead smelter site so as to mitigate the effects these unlawful past practice caused. Owino Uhuru remediation process is meant to be a pilot project to be adopted by the state and the relevant state agencies, for the areas in the country that are facing the same consequences of environmental pollution. This will build the capacity of duty bearers on environmental hazard and as a means to restore the health of the people and environment. CJGEA has conducted comprehensive research in chemical diseases and consulted and brought experts who have done capacity building to state, non-state actors and the Owino Uhuru community. There is increased awareness of the lead poisoning and interventions available in terms of treatment and cleaning up the poisoned environment. We have started in mapping of the community as part of the clean-up and set up avenues to fund-raise for the same. Remediation process is meant to result into a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for the Owino Uhuru community with significant drop in their Blood Lead Levels (BLLs). We expect that this intervention will result into extensive awareness and consciousness towards chemical poisoning.
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financial support, cooperation, publicity/visibility
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