EXOMISSION Fuel- Water-Emulsion Technology for ships

EXOMISSION Fuel- Water-Emulsion Technology for ships
field of work
Technologies, Climate Change
start date
January 1, 2013 
project initiator
Exomission FWE technology is ideally suited for emission control in seagoing vessels, even when they are operated with poor fuel qualities. Even heavy fuel oils with extremely high sulphur contents are not a problem. Soot reduction of up to 90% almost completely eliminates problems such as visible smoke. The effectiveness of soot reduction increases as engine load increases, i.e. exactly at the operating points where absolute soot emission is also at its highest. As the negative impact of black carbon on climate change is now recognised globally, equipping a seagoing vessel with an FWE system is active environmental protection. At the same time as soot is reduced, nitrogen oxides are also reduced – up to 45% with our system, according to university studies. Here, the emulsion technology has a neutral to improving effect on the engine’s effectiveness, i.e. fuel consumption does not increase, or may even drop by a few percent. exomission`s fuel water emulsion technology (FWE), is an engine-independent closed add-on circulation system with fully electronic control and monitoring that is used for producing and processing a fuel water emulsion. It includes a water treatment system as well as safety, operation and control installations. This technology is a primary technology for reducing emissions inside the engine that can be used and retrofitted for all engines operating in accordance with the diesel engine principle. The emulsion is produced immediately before the injection pump. One advantage of the technology is that the installation of the FWE usually does not require any interventions in the engine or the injection system itself. Emulsifiable fuels Our “on-board emulsion” works for all liquid fuels that are used in combustion engines in accordance with the diesel engine principle, such as diesel fuel heating oil vegetable oil heavy fuel oil
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