field of work
Social Engagement, Climate Change
start date
September 15, 2015 
end date
September 14, 2018 
project initiator
In Europe, the major distributors’ preferences for fruits and vegetables that are perfect in terms of shape, colour and size result in waste of about 30% of what’s produced by farmers. FLAW4LIFE project - Spreading ugLy Fruit Against Food Waste – arises with two main goals: • to fight food waste due to appearance and the unnecessary use of resources used in its production; • to create an alternative market for fruit and vegetables that are discarded due to aesthetic reasons and to create a movement capable of changing consumption patterns. The project is co-funded by European Union’s LIFE Programme and Fruta Feia Co-Op works in partnership with Lisbon City Council and Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon.
we are looking for
cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects
social media
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