Himalayan Institute of Alternatives

Himalayan Institute of Alternatives
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Education / Communications, Climate Change, Sustainable Energy
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Ladakh does not have any functional university and therefore 15,000 youths have to go as educational refugees to big cities in the plains where they learn little that is of relevance to the mountains. The annual cost of this exercise to the poor parents of this impoverished region is estimated to be equivalent to the entire revenue from Ladakh's famous tourism industry. This is true of many mountain regions in the Himalayas and the world. So we wanted to start an alternative university that would serve not only Ladakh but many mountain countries in the world and engage their youth in finding many Ice Stupa like solutions to their peculiar problems. For mountain regions like Ladakh which are not only ethnic and linguistic minorities but also climatic and technological minorities, such a university for indigenous research and development is a need of the hour. Our bigger and wilder vision is in fact to change the way the universities work in general throughout the world. With just chalk, talk and paper... paper knowledge, paper exams and paper degrees, where most students come out unskilled and unemployable. The university will be all built of natural materials like earth and powered by the sun, watered by ice stupas and nurtured by humans. It will be a place where our youth learn by doing things, working in teams, making mistakes but guided by experienced facilitators. Based on the principles of SECMOL but much larger in scale & scope, the university will be a place where our youth learn by doing things, working in teams, making mistakes but guided by experienced facilitators...for example the school of business and entrepreneurship will have actual companies on campus, school of hospitality and tourism will run high end hotels and tourism programs, the school of education will have innovative schools running where young people can learn on the job and come out prepared for the real world.
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financial support, material support, expertise, cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects
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