Initiative to Protect the River Congo

Initiative to Protect the River Congo
field of work
General interest in environmental issues, Climate Change, Sustainable Energy
start date
February 13, 2017 
end date
May 13, 2021 
project initiator
Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
Initiative to Protect the River Congo The Democratic Republic of Congo is an immense land of over 2.345.858 square kilometers. It has a population of about 80 million. This gifted and most fertile land is irrigated by a long river, [ the River Congo] of 4 700 kilometers of length from the area or its beginning in the South of the Katanga province to the Northern part of the country, to the Western part and till down to Matadi (Mwanda) where it joins the Atlantic ocean. The River Congo [1] waters the Rain Forest of the Congo [128 million hectares], the second in the world after the Amazon. [1] The River Congo [2,900 miles long] is one of the biggest, longest and fastest [] of the world. It is very essential and the most important for the Congo’s Rain Forest to exist, to interact with millions of species in the most marvelous ecological system; on one hand; [2] And the Congo Rain Forest (of about 1,500 million square miles), called and considered also the lung of the planet Earth, is the second of the Amazon in the Latin America. Its interactions with other natural and amazing dynamics are the most admirable in the eco-systems; on the other. All of them [the rain forest and the river Congo] are essential for/to each other; as the forest would suffer if there was no Congo river (the river irrigates the soil for trees and other vegetation to grow); and the Congo river would suffer if there were no forests (the trees and vegetation invite the rains to fall on a welcoming area). TO PROTECT THE RIVER CONGO-Project We have initiated a campaign to sensitize people along the River Congo and to make them aware of how this water-flow is essential and vital to all of them including the whole mankind; in the whole world. Along its length
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financial support, material support, expertise
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