INNOFILT Electrostatic Scale Controllers

INNOFILT Electrostatic Scale Controllers
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Sustainable Energy, Technologies
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January 1, 2011 
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Scale is one of the biggest problem faced by all the industries using water. Whenever their is circulation of water in industrial and domestic appliances, scale is bound to occur. Being a very good thermal insulator, scale aids loss of energy. A scale as thick as 12mm can cause a loss of 60% of the total energy. It also leads to wear of the components and often forces the plant to shut down. INNOFILT provides the solution to the problem of scale especially for Indian conditions using the Electrostatic principle. The equipment is based on non-chemical Electrostatic international technology which is an award winning one. The treatment method is very economical and not only prevents the scale formation but also removes existing scale. INNOVUM-INNOFILT Working Principle INNOFILT inhibits scale using Electrostatic method. All natural water contains Calcium and Magnesium salts in the form of carbonates and sulphates. Scale formation is essentially an equilibrium process between minerals coming out of water and dissolving into water. Electrostatic application helps to decrease the formation of scale by symmetrically orienting the hydrogen and hydroxyl ions of water molecules. The dissolved salts will also follow this orderly sequence of positive and negative charges. This random movement of calcium and magnesium ions is oriented and they are unable to find access to surface easily. The most significant aspect of INNOFILT is the economics. The Electrostatic Scale Controller unit itself uses virtually no power. It can eliminate the cost of chemical treatment, periodic acid or mechanical cleaning, process loss due to down time, maintenance, labour and performance reduction due to slow or heat transfer restrictions.
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