International Protection of Mont-Blanc

International Protection of Mont-Blanc
field of work
Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
start date
June 1, 2016 
project initiator
For 25 years our tri-national umbrella NGO ProMONT-BLANC has been trying to implement what had been promised in 1991 by local, regional and state authorities: a legally binding international protection status with tri-national management of the Mont-Blanc massif in balance with real sustainable development all around it. In spite of financial support from the 3 States and especially from the INTERREG-program of the European Union to “Espace Mont-Blanc”, a tri-national commission of the 35 concerned municipalities no significant transborder conservation has been achieved. Therefore, our collectivity of environmental and mountaineering organisations from the 3 countries and beyond continues to advocate effective protection of this highest area of the Alps, Icon of earth science and mountaineering since the 18th century. Since we are working merely as volunteers (except for a part-time secretary) we urgently need financial support, help in professional fundraising and publicity (both locally and internationally) and expertise.
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