Manufacturing and installation of water and passion powered ram pump

Manufacturing and installation of water and passion powered ram pump
field of work
Social Engagement, General interest in environmental issues, Technologies
start date
July 14, 1992 
project initiator
The project is about spreading the unique AIDFI ram pump, an environment friendly water powered pump that lifts water over high elevations, to upland communities and farms which lack easy access despite having available sources below. The ram is a forgotten and unknown technology and needs great efforts to reach more upland villages and farms (read people). It can be used for drinking and irrigation purposes. Ram programs in the past failed because of the absence of community preparation, training in local installation, operation, repair and maintenance, the difficulty in either purchasing the pumps or spare parts and inferior ram models used. AIDFI developed a crossbreed model between expensive but efficient imported models and the inferior DIY models freely available on the internet. The AIDFI model can be manufactured anywhere in the world with local available steel and basic machines and tools. It uses a door hinge as main spare part. The receiving communities are prepared socially for the installation by formation of an association, community volunteering, training local technicians, leadership, bookkeeping and WASH training. The benefits are huge: no CO2 and SO4 emission, hardly any operational expenses, 24 hours operation, more available water for bathing, washing of clothes and dishes, saving of time in fetching water, less absences from school, minimized water borne diseases, possibilities for vegetable growing, fish and pig raising and other livelihoods. For higher elevated farms the ram makes the farm less depended on the (through Climate Change caused) unpredictable rain fall. A ram system can help the farmer pull through or even add a crop. Often upland communities are expected to protect our watershed areas but are not supported or rewarded in any form. The ram pump systems are a tool for improving the livelihood of the people and with proper advocacy, education and training can result in activities like tree planting and waste management.
we are looking for
financial support, material support, cooperation, publicity/visibility, First image is a picture from Coca Cola Foundation, Philippines, Inc. with whom AIDFI runs a big ram pump program as their commitment to return the water they use to communities or nature
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