Oekostation Freiburg

Oekostation Freiburg
field of work
Education / Communications
start date
April 17, 1986 
project initiator
Oekostation Freiburg is an educational centre for environmental awareness, founded in 1986 by BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany). It consists of an ecology house and a natural garden area, including an organic garden. The Oekostation offers events, seminars and workshops for the public. In co-operation with competent partners we develop innovative and attractive projects for enhancing awareness of the environment and sustainable development. As a place for non-formal education, the Oekostation offers many possibilities to become acquainted with nature and the environment in a practical way. Approximately 15,000 course and seminar participants, pupils, children, families and other people visit the Oekostation every year. In the ‘green class-room’ about 350 school classes each year experience nature with their hands, their hearts and their minds. They learn about sustainable development concepts such as biodiversity, nature protection, renewable energy, reducing waste, organic food and agriculture. A model like the Oekostation in Freiburg could be a start for experiencing and discovering ecology in many other places, too. International cooperation plays an important role such as in partnerships with two Eco Centres in Japan and in other countries. The Oekostation team offers workshops for international groups and we welcome exchanges with international friends, partners and other interested groups and individuals.
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