One-Child, One-Tree

One-Child, One-Tree
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Education / Communications
start date
March 1, 2016 
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The Centre for Environmental Research and Policy Analysis (CERPA) is an environmentally focus non-governmental organization in Ghana with a mission to promote environmental welfare and sustainability through research, education, participation, and innovation. We are conscious of current global environmental threats and believe that we have greater responsibility to act creatively to restore and protect the environment for future generations. Been aware of these environmental challenges, the institution has designed the One-Child, One-Tree project to bring on board, the Ghanaian youth (basic school pupil) in the promotion of better environment and restoration of green vegetation in our focus communities as well as inculcating in them, a sense of environmental consciousness through tree planting and environmental education campaign. To operate on large and extended scale, we focus on community and grass root levels to empower local people and associations which allows us to move from community to communities whiles our previous projects are well sustained by this local associations. Akim Manso A.M.E. Zion A and B Basic School in the Birim Central Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana has been chosen as 2017 project implementation site. With the recent radical attack and destruction of the rich forest and river bodies by commercial logging, illegal chain saw operation and mining activities in the Municipality and the Eastern Region at large makes our choice for this community an all-important one. In addition, our choice for choosing this community and the specific school in question has been informed by the fact that, CERPA has been given a strong assurance for cooperation and commitment from all stakeholders within the community (traditional authorities, assemblyman of the area, and the headmistress of the school) as well as provision of marginal lands by the school to enable the successful implementation of this project.
we are looking for
financial support, material support, expertise, cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects, other, We are very much appreciate to receive your support in any kind for this project.We belive that together we can make the Earth a safty place for us and generations to come
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