Optimization of sewage and biogas production

Optimization of sewage and biogas production
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Technologies, Sustainable Energy
start date
February 1, 2009 
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The disintegration (sludge closure) of sludge based on thermal, chemical and biochemical processes has been successfully tested for years in sewage purification and biogas plants and is now established. The disadvantages of the conventional methods are often the high investment and operating costs, which exclude an application from the economic viewpoint. The INNOFILT-innodesi process from INNOVUM can be used in biogas as well as waste water purification plants in various stages of sludge treatment. Advantages: Increase of the sewage and biogas percentage Saving of substrate quantities Increase of the degree of degradation Reduction of the stirring times Increase of the fertilizer value More stable process cycles Low investment costs Odour elimination Increase of the operational performance of CHPs CO2 reduction Method: The INNOFILT-innodesi method combines crushing and disruption through electrokinetic-physical forces. The electrical forces occurring in the high-voltage field of the INNOFILT-innodesi ensure that the methane-forming bacteria reach the cell contents more easily. At the same time, clumps (aggregates/colloids) consisting of dead organic matter and bacteria are comminuted. In this way, the availability and accessibility of nutrients for the fermenting bacteria is significantly increased and thus leads to a better gas yield. Simultaneously, the bacteria are stimulated and can process more organic biomass.
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