Pictorius Wind Power

Pictorius Wind Power
field of work
Sustainable Land Management, General interest in environmental issues, Sustainable Energy
start date
September 1, 2013 
project initiator
The aim of our project is to inspire young people to actively deal with renewable energies, in this case with wind energy. In this context, we feel that it is important to make younger generations aware of the way how our energy policy changes our landscapes. We think that people should concern themselves with the possibilities of shaping our environment through technology and design. If pupils start to do so at an early age, chances will be high that good designs will be developed in the future. That´s why our project combines technology and art. For this purpose, we have developed an experimental kit, which enables us to understand the basic physical phenomena of wind energy. This was produced in the year 2015/16 in a series of 10 pieces. Schools involved in the project can use them to test and compare the efficiency of new rotor shapes. Many schools in our area employed the experimental kit to create new designs for rotors. In June 2016, the results of the pupils´ work were presented in our joint land-art installation: „Windkraftkunst im Kornfeld“ ("Wind power art in the cornfield") With a mobile wind tunnel that was built by our students we will be able to test the various rotor shapes designed by pupils of our school and external schools. In this school year, a wind turbine will be installed on top of our school building. A special challenge for us will be to transfer the visualization of the wind force data into the foyer of our school. A charging station for mobile phones supplied by the wind turbine is also planned. With our new mobile wind tunnel, a new version of the land-art installation as well as our wind turbine on the roof of our school we are setting a clear example for sustainability within the framework of "School of the Future". At the moment, our students are preparing a presentation about our project that they would like to present at the meeting in Freiburg in March.
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