Pollinating Agrobiodiversity Management Entreprises in Hispano-America

Pollinating Agrobiodiversity Management Entreprises in Hispano-America
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Biodiversity / Nature Conservation, Social Engagement
project initiator
Smallholder farmers are the custodians of some of the world greatest agro-biodiversity assets, and they increasingly expect more reward for their stewardship of these assets, not only from the public sector but also from actors in the agro-biodiversity-based food value chains. This situation is the driver for this project proposal, which aims to build capacities of smallholder farmers to develop sustainable agro-biodiversity management enterprises (AMEs) that do not harm the environment. My experience in promoting participatory plant breeding in Cuba, Mexico and Bolivia and my first hand insights of other experiences carried out in China, Colombia, Iran and France makes me believe that farmers themselves can be agrobiodiversity managers and in collaboration with other actors, would be better able to manage an interactive seed systems model with tangible environmental and economic benefits and social recognition than a centralized system would. The project aims to build on work conducted in Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia and Cuba by ICRA and local partners on promoting “green entrepreneurship”, specifically it aims at pollinating Agrobiodiversity Management Enterprises (AMEs), as an environmentally sound business model that produces a diversity of seeds of native crops with a strong participation of smallholders. Major activities 1) Training local business pollinators to support smallholder farmers (half of them female) in the design and implementation of AMEs in districts with high seed diversity following a hands-on action learning approach. 2) Designing inclusive business model in support to agrobiodiversity enhancement and local actors’ participation. 3) Organising a campaign with other actors to promote AMEs as an environmentally sound business model based on agroecological principles.
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