Recycling of used tyres with thermolysis

Recycling of used tyres with thermolysis
field of work
Technologies, Sustainable Energy
start date
January 7, 2016 
project initiator
Recycling is based on the fundamental idea of using valuable things more than once, instead of exploiting our earth more and more. It is one of the most important branches of industry in Germany and not only protects the climate and the environment, but also saves scarce resources, reduces the progressive plundering of our planet and makes the recyclers more independent from resource suppliers. In short, recycling is an essential part of our economic system and it is hard to imagine our world today without it. The new recycling process for used tyres presented here is significantly more efficient and more environmentally friendly than conventional processes. It introduces a new generation of the utilisation, reprocessing and recycling of raw materials into the economic cycle! The purpose of this new thermal recycling, hereafter referred to as TR, is to divide the raw material – the used tyres – into the secondary raw materials steel, thermolysis oil and carbon with additional generation of electricity and heat – without emissions! The raw materials as well as the electricity and heat can be conveniently re-marketed. The heart of the plant is a newly designed heating chamber which has been especially developed for the thermal decomposition of old tyres.This innovation can be used in all countries which have problems with the disposal of old tyres.
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