Reducing Waste from Hotel Breakfast

Reducing Waste from Hotel Breakfast
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General interest in environmental issues
start date
February 8, 2016 
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Food is precious Unpacked food which was presented at a hotel breakfast buffet has to be disposed and usually thats a lot. By serving fresh prepared food individually for every guest the food and packaging waste can be drastically reduced. The offered variety is also reduced but therefore mainly high quality, local grown food is used. Special bakery goods (Brezel, Brötchen) need to be ordered the night before and are picked up from the bakery in the morning. Cheese and charcuterie are fresh sliced instead of using individual packaged products. The challenge is to change peoples habits and to appreciate high quality fresh food instead of a large presentation of food in abundance. The other challenge is to convince employees not to listen only to the complainers but to improve service for guests who support the concept. So far, the reactions of guests are quite mixed. Some guests miss their buffet and are complaining, others appreciate the quality of the food and support the concept. In most cases it helps a lot if there is time to explain guests why there is no breakfast buffet. A measure for how much we suceed is, if we manage to get by with one trash bin which usually servers one household and which is emptied every two weeks. Other than that, we try to minimize energy and ressource consumption with the goal of reducing energy and other ressources by 80% (inspired by the book: "Factor Five" from Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker), compared to other hotels. My role in this is the position of a "Frühstücksdirektor" (breakfast director stands for figurehead in german)
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