Resilience to Climate Change

Resilience to Climate Change
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, Policy and Law, Climate Change
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This project aims to give direction to the myriad challenges associated with the use and exploitation of the world’s ‘transboundary resources.’ Many of the world’s ‘transboundary resources’, such as forests and water, are not just highly imperiled from over-use and exploitation, but they also suffer the widespread misconception that they can only be regulated within the traditional international law doctrine of ‘national sovereignty’. Despite the well-known consequences of climate change and its implications much of the leading international guidance is highly inadequate. For instance, the UN’s own, ‘Non-Legally Binding Instrument on all types of Forests’, has glaring shortcomings, with the result that it falls short of addressing the contentious climate-related conflicts that, while national in their manifestation, are in fact hugely international in character. Kenya as a project site has, like many peer countries, spearheaded some domestic initiatives to strengthen resilience but a number of proposals are either short-lived or fail to take off due to any number of reasons; including the lesser priority given to the raging questions around environment and climate change. This project seeks to collaborate with partners and institutions world-wide, who are interested in pursuing middle to long-term perspectives to building resilience to climate change-induced transboundary challenges on the basis of credible studies and research. It hopes to strengthen the yawning gap that currently exists in terms of information dissemination, mobilization of communities as well as communication and advocacy around the full range of issues implicated in an effective climate change resilience fostering regime.
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financial support, cooperation, publicity/visibility, Project will commence immediately partners and resources become available.
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