field of work
Sustainable Land Management, Private Sector, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
start date
July 1, 2015 
project initiator
Although professiona and recreative fishing are very important activities, they generate debris due to loss, breakage and wear of materials, and of fishing gear and utensils. The presence of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear, called ALDFG (Abandoned , Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear), as dictated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), remains a problem whose consideration is necessary in any plan for management of the marine and coastal environment, especially in sensitive and/or protected areas. With this initiative, which constitutes the first to be launched in Spain in general and in the Alboran Sea in particular, it is intended to highlight this problem, and to initialize the characterization and assessment of the incidence of these ALDFGs that are mainly present in the infralitoral zone of Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) belonging to this zone. Therefore, a series of actions are initiated to raise awareness, collect information and even extract some of this debris, if it affects priority species or ecosystems.
we are looking for
financial support, material support, expertise, cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects, other, This project could be easily extended to other countries with tools generated
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