The Orange Coral Project

The Orange Coral Project
field of work
Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
project initiator
Since 2008, we have been studying different aspects of the biology and conservation of Astroides calycularis (orange coral) and escleractinian coral, endemic from the Mediterranean Sea and endangered to extinction. With our fundings and the help of the University of Seville, we have got many interesting results about its distribution in the Alboran Sea, reproductive cycle, associated fauna, impacts related to diving activities and tools of restoration of damaged populations. Several articles have been published, and a PhD has been defended in 2016. We are currently looking for funding and collaboration to achieve other unknown aspects, as those related to climate change adaptation, interaction with expansive/invasive species, etc. Study has been developed by Hombre y Territorio Association (HyT) with its own funds and the help and direction of Laboratorio de BiologĂ­a Marina de la Universidad de Sevilla.
we are looking for
financial support, material support, cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects
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