The Sense of Silence Foundation

The Sense of Silence Foundation
field of work
Technologies, Climate Change, Biodiversity / Nature Conservation
start date
October 13, 2014 
project initiator
Oceans are alive with the sound of life. Light cannot support any information below the surface while sounds propagate underwater hundreds of kilometres and allow exchanging vital knowledge for the survival of the marine ecosystems. Altering this channel of communication means threatening marine life and challenging its balance. Nowadays, this balance is affected by noise pollution associated to offshore human activities: shipping, Oil & Gas exploration, construction of windmills, Navy manoeuvres, port construction, etc. The need of investigating the order of magnitude of ocean noise issues has recently encouraged the development of technological solutions, in the form of smart ears that allow humans to enter a totally new dimension, which was not accessible to us before: compensating our incapacity to properly hear underwater, we can now listen in real-time and in any part of the world, all details of the soundscapes, just like if we were dolphins or whales… a privileged sea inhabitant with a gift of ubiqueness. Through the LIDO system ( this technology allows us to understand the interactions between different sound sources, at temporal and spatial scales never experienced before, alert industrial operators in real-time of its threats and take mitigation actions to protect marine ecosystems. While most of the oceans are already dramatically affected by noise, our responsibility is to act fast and do anything we can to repair the damage. However, there are still some places in the world where we are still on time to control the advances of noise pollution. The Arctic for example, a unique Ocean where the ice protects its environment from artificial sound sources. But the ice is rapidly melting and will soon open the way to the exploration of the last resources on Earth. Time is short. The Sense of Silence Foundation smart ears could represent our last chance to protect the acoustic balance of the Arctic Ocean.
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