Training communities affected by radioactive contamination

Training communities affected by radioactive contamination
field of work
Social Engagement, General interest in environmental issues, Sustainable Land Management
start date
April 1, 2017 
end date
December 31, 2019 
project initiator
Many communities around the world are exposed to radioactive substances . For more than 20 years CRIIRAD has been training citizens and NGO's affected by uranium mines or uranium prospection activities (France, Bulgaria, Niger, Mali, Namibia, Malawi, Cameroon, Brazil), by nuclear reactors (France) or by the radioactive fallout from nuclear accidents (Japan). There is a need for improving the material used for the training activities (editing leaflets, on line courses and videos), and the ability to send CRIIRAD team to remote places in order to teach the communities and make radiation monitoring campains with the affected citizens. It is an efficient way for giving them more power and confidence in themselves in order to better reveal the disinformation of the nuclear industry and force the companies and/or governments to implement decontamination schemes and improve people protection against ionizing radiation
we are looking for
financial support, cooperation, publicity/visibility
video link
social media
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