Wealth Creation through Conservation

Wealth Creation through Conservation
field of work
Biodiversity / Nature Conservation, Climate Change, Sustainable Energy
project initiator
Our “Wealth Creation through Conservation” program is designed to generate incomes for rural farmers in Kamuli Eastern Uganda through our tree planting program. By reforesting the Villages in Kamuli Uganda we will protect the environment and empower women, who have traditionally been left behind. Participating men, women and children (via schools) will plant a number of fast growing nitrogen-fixing trees (NFT’s) every year for 3 years, after which, they harvest a monthly quantity in a perpetual cycle after 2 years. This will supply sufficient charcoal to make each household self-sufficient in their energy requirements and have a surplus for sale. Some of the trees included in the program coppice after cutting, therefore, no replanting are required. Once the rural household is able to grow and maintain enough domestic energy and charcoal requirements, we will help them grow soft woods, hardwoods and medicinal trees. They will have a short-term, medium-term and long-term source of income. The combination of trees and shrubs promoted will not only provide a rural household with charcoal and firewood, but also provide opportunities for beekeeping because the flowers of the trees and shrubs are excellent nectar. In addition, the trees and shrubs will allow for zero grazing animal farming, as the leaves are very nutritious fodder. (500 shrubs will maintain one dairy cow for an entire year). Objectives: Our objective is to meet the growing demand for firewood/charcoal which has led to deforestation. This will be accomplished through an ambitious tree planting enterprise which provides an alternative to the destruction of indigenous forests. It draws on the strengths and contributions of science, civil society and business. The problem with most reforestation programs in Africa is that once the trees are grown the people come into to cut them without planting young ones
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financial support, material support, expertise, cooperation, publicity/visibility, similar projects
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