Useful information

Access to the conference venue & locations

Participants are accomodated at hotel "InterCity Hotel" which is located at the central train station. The convention venues "Historisches Kaufhaus Freiburg & Konzerthaus Freiburg" are located in the heart of the city and are only a short walk from the hotel. The venue "UWC Robert Bosch College Freiburg" is located on the outskirts of Freiburg, transportation is offered by the organizers.  The city center of Freiburg is within short walking distance from the hotel and is a car-free area.


Transportation options include


Renting a bike:


We provide transportation for all participants between Konzerthaus Freiburg and UWC Robert Bosch College.


Traveling to Freiburg

Detailed information how to get to Freiburg by train, car, bus or plane can be found here: Traveling to Freiburg

We run a small fund to support laureates from developing countries and a long-distance flight with travel expenses. Please state the request for support via email to If and how much we are able to support depends on the total number of requests that reached us until the end of the registration deadline on 31 January 2017. Directly afterwards all support seekers will be informed via email.



If you need a visa to enter Germany we provide a formal invitation letter. Kindly note that we only issue the visa letter after you have completed the registration. For invitation letter requests, please send an email with a copy of your passport attached and the subject "visa letter" to:

Here you can find the official list of countries whose citizens require a visa for Germany:



Typical temperatures to expect in Freiburg during March range between 3°C and 10°C.

Emergency contacts, currency, business hours and much more information about Germany and the Freiburg region in particular can be found here:


For registered participants we offer the following services:

  • support with visa issues
  • accommodations & food
  • side programme for partners -> more information here
  • updated list of registered participants available online
  • updated program available online
  • information package sent by email short time before the Convention

For further assistance, ICEL participants can contact our Welcome Desk, which is located in the hotel lobby and will be open throughout the Convention.


Short presentation of Laureates

All participants are invited to give a short presentation introducing their work within the Laureates Symposium on Friday, 10 March. Each presentation lasts max. 15 Minutes. In total,  16 slots for presentations are available. To apply for a short presentation slot send an email until Tuesday, 31 January 2017 to